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Stephanie is a twenty-something year old female who has been taking surveys since 2008. She is currently a college student in the San Francisco bay area. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, painting, and working on her digital photography. She’s also a huge tech-geek and loves playing video games when she gets the free time. Stephanie is always on the lookout for high-paying surveys and those ever-elusive Invoke focus groups. Make Money cash,Money Make Cash,make cash money CLÄ°CK HERE PineCone Research is an online survey panel that has been around for a long time. In fact, they were one of the first survey panels I joined back when I started taking surveys in 2008. Unlike many other survey panels, though, it is invitation-only. This means you can only sign up for the panel by finding online banner advertisements that provide a link for new members to sign up for their surveys, or through links like the one here on PineCone Research only opens up its panel to new members temporarily, so be on the lookout for when registration is open! Getting Started To get started taking surveys with PineCone Research, first you need to sign-up. To do this, simply go to our “PineCone Research” page and click the “Join” button. Sometimes new member registration is closed, though, so you may have to try another time when they open up their panel to new members. Once you’ve accessed the registration page, simply fill out their online form with your demographic information. After doing this, click “I consent and would like to register” to register for their surveys. Note that you can only register one family member per household. If you register more than one family member per household, they will cancel your memberships. You should receive a confirmation email after signing up, informing you that you’ve been accepted as a new member. You will receive a panel username (consisting of numbers) and a password. Make sure to write these down somewhere since they are easy to forget. They are normally listed on every survey email invitation you receive for easy reference, but writing them down is helpful if you want to access their website and don’t have an email from them available. If you want to change your profile information at any time, simply log into your account and click “Update Your Personal Profile” in the yellow box on the main page. You can update your email, street address, and other general information. There are no profile surveys to take or update (this is what the “Household” surveys are for, which will be explained later). Their website is very basic and easy to use, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding the information you need. PineConeResearch_mainpage Taking Surveys Once you’ve signed up for their panel, PineCone Research will start to send you surveys. It may take several days or a few weeks. You will get these survey invitations via email. Simply click on the link in the email to take the survey on PineCone’s website. You have to enter your username and password to access the survey, but thankfully these are listed in the survey invitation for convenience in case you forgot them. If there are any additional notes or qualifications for the survey, they will be listed in the email. PineConeResearch_email Before sending you to the main survey, you will typically need to agree to a confidentiality agreement, which states that you cannot share the survey product information with anyone. Simply type “I AGREE” in the box. It will also ask you for your age and gender. After that, you will be prompted to answer survey questions about a new product idea. After this, you will be asked if you would like to test the product you just took a survey about, if you should qualify to test it. Answer “yes” or “no” if you would be interested in receiving a test product. You will once again be prompted to agree with their confidentially agreement. Simply type in “I AGREE” again. You are then finished taking the survey and your points will be credited to your account in a few days. If you are selected to test a new product, you will usually receive an email about it in the next few days. The email will tell you when you should receive the product and what you can expect out of the testing experience. I’ve tested many products over the years, including cat food, body wash, bar soap, perfume, different food items, toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, and many other items. They will normally pay you an extra $3.00 for completing a follow-up survey after testing the product. Survey topics are quite varied. I’ve gotten surveys about personal care products, food, restaurants, cat food and litter, home fragrance products, medication, pest control, and gardening products. Of course, the survey topics you receive will depend a lot on your demographic information. PineCone will sometimes send out “Household” surveys. These surveys are just profile surveys asking you about certain products that you may use and are not worth any money. They are essential to take, though, so that you can qualify for more surveys. They are normally very short (3-5 minutes). I highly recommend taking these surveys, since they can qualify you for more surveys in the future. I usually get about one or two a month. Rewards Each survey is typically worth $3.00 (300 points). In the past, PineCone Research used to just credit your money via PayPal, check, or debit card a day or two after completing a survey. Recently, however, they’ve implemented a new “points” system and rewards catalog. This complicates things if you just want to get your money the same way you always did before the rewards change took place.

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